World's First W2E NFT Collection

Unique and innovative write-to-earn NFT collection | 3D NFTs for Metaverse | Decentralised Metaverse Educational Hub

Experience the revolutionary world of write-to-earn platform with Blockfy NFT, a one of a kind NFT collection that is breaking new ground

Why is it crazy?

Get in on the floor with revolutionary Blockfy platform and reap the below benefits as a limited 4000 NFT holder

  • 01. Earn Blockfy tokens by posting web3 related content on our W2E platform and get paid for every view, like, and comment (no copy-pasting, minimum of 500 words)

  • 02. With Blockfy's advertising platform, you can earn more because you get a fair share of the profits, which is not the case with centralized platforms that only give a small cut. Maximize your earnings through decentralized content creation and monetization with Blockfy

  • 03. In our second phase, You can play P2E games to increase your IQ, EQ and Knowledge using Blockfy NFT

  • 04. In our third phase, after our metaverse marketplace is launched, get 50% off all Blockfy made items(Ex: ink, Pen box, etc) in the marketplace

  • 05. In our fourth phase, get free access to courses and Blockfy virtual university. Unlock limitless learning opportunities with Blockfy's platform

  • 06. Easily whitelist all of future NFTs and tokens pre-sales on Blockfy platform without having to do anything

Earning Mechanism

There is a system in place to earn by publishing articles on our W2E platform using Blockfy 3D pen NFTs.

There are 5 different levels of NFT, each with a different number of articles you can publish per day:

Level 01
Common NFT

Number of articles you can publish per day: 01

Level 02
Uncommon NFT

Golden Nib

Number of articles you can publish per day: 02

Level 03
Rare NFT

Super Rare Gold Palette or Rare Four Topaz Rings OR Rare Diamond Rings

Number of articles you can publish per day: 03

Level 04
Epic NFT

Two attributes from Super Rare Gold Palette, Rare Four Topaz Rings, Rare Diamond Rings

Number of articles you can publish per day: 05

Level 05
Legendary NFT

All three attributes from Super Rare Gold Palette, Rare Four Topaz Rings, Rare Diamond Rings

Number of articles you can publish per day: 12

Yes it is crazy 😃

So the more rare your NFT is, the more articles you can publish and earn 💰

The Blockfy W2E platform will be launched in October 2023

Join the NFT revolution and mint your own NFT now 🚀


Over 800 NFTs have already been minted out of 4000

Get 0.5 solana back on NFT minting. Limited time offer of 1 solana NFT price. Don't miss out!

This offer is valid only during March 2023

We build a strong, long-term community, so check out our ROAD MAP and Blockfy website for more information

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Ask us on Twitter anytime with questions


Looking for answers?

What is Blockfy?

Blockfy is a next-generation decentralised educational hub for crypto lovers in the next blockchain era. We are developing a blockchain-related earning platform for writers and readers. Interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is no secret that cryptocurrency and blockchain will become booming topics in the next ten years. So, Blockfy's mission is to bring crypto writers and readers together in one place in a creative way.
Our platform offers a combination of "write to earn" and "learn to earn" earning ecosystems for our community. We plan to provide impressive features to our community at the beginning of the project and wish to add many remarkable features in the second phase, such as knowledge-based games and brain function improvement games with a metaverse experience for our community. Our game platforms primarily focus on increasing people's IQ and EQ levels in the next metaverse era.

How do I get Blockfy NFTs?

You will be able to mint blockfy NFTs in our three minitng phase or you can buy from marketplace.

How much will it cost to mint?

Alpha minting price: 0.9 Sol
Public minting price: 1 Sol

Minting Process

800 NFTs free minting - Finished
Whitelist(Alpha minting) - End 28.01.2023 @ 11.00 AM UTC
Public minting - Start 28.01.2023 @ 11.00 AM UTC

How is this different from every other project?

First & Best write to earn, read to eran 3D NFT Collection. World first GLB format NFT collection

How many NFTs?

Total NFTs 4,000
Common NFTs: TBD
Uncommon NFTs: TBD
Rare NFTs: TBD
Epic NFTs: TBD
Legendary NFTs: TBD

How many traits and attributes?

Reveal after minting

What blockchain is it on?